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We launched our Laser cutting service from a customer’s perspective. Waiting up to 2 weeks for laser cutting work was unacceptable, and it was pushing out lead time on our work.

Frustrated with this “service” we were getting we looked at the possibility of purchasing our own machine to bring these lead times down. Once the research was done we realised our current laser suppliers had purchased a very small capacity low kw machine and this was part of the issue with turnaround times.

We decided that a high power laser would provide a better service for our customers and give us the versatility the competition lacked. Our 6kw CO2 Trumpf Laser can process 32mm Mild Steel, 25mm Stainless Steel, and 20mm Aluminium. However the main advantage of the high power machine is an increase in travel speed when cutting all material thickness giving us the ability to process more work in a day.

Customers often wait for their jobs to be cut, or email through an order and head over to pick up the cut product. That’s the service we provide to our customers, that’s Ramage Rapid Laser.

Fast forward 10 years, we are the market leader in the region with three high-power Trumpf lasers.

We ship nationwide using the Toll online track and trace software, or smaller jobs are sent using New Zealand Couriers.

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